I can’t…with my own indecisiveness

Sometimes you know that the job you picked isn’t for you, but you keep it to say you have one, or you quit because it isn’t for you! I am presently in a position that I actually don’t like, and I don’t know how to change it.
I was fortunate enough to get an internship in the mass communication field. However, their main focus is not why I went to school. People are telling me to keep it just to say I have the experience, while others are telling me to quit wasting my time.
At what point do you know when it’s a blessing or a hinderance?
There are a lot of things we’re not going to enjoy doing, but we will have to because it’s part of life. So, then, the question becomes how much of my life will be spent doing things I don’t enjoy?
I must admit that I am a very analytical person, which will probably end up being my own demise. But I think everything through. And if I’m always worrying about my next move, that means I’m not too focused on my present one.
I am grateful for the opportunities I have received thus far, but I also know that if I keep settling, I might never get to where I want to go.
HA! Looks like I have answered my own question.
For anyone out there struggling with their decision to stay/leave a job, relationship, etc, you have to really think about what is best for you.
Will you look back weeks later and regret your decision? If so, you probably made the wrong one.


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