What’s Your Passion?

How do you know you’re passionate about something? I ask that question with the same uncertainty as people ask “How do you know you’re in love?”

That “You just know” response is really irk-worthy, so please try to come up with something else.

I’m on this topic because my boss told me that she didn’t think I was “passionate about being a sports writer” because apparently I “lacked initiative.”

SO how do you know ?

I believe there is a time and place for everything. I also have never been the one to chase people down for anything. Ironic right? CLEARLY part of being a journalist is literally running after people and ledes trying to get that exclusive story!…*shrugs*

And without getting too religious because I know how that offends people, I also believe that sometimes you have to just wait on God to show you the path you’re meant to take. Too many times I try to plan my own way, and so far that definitely has not worked out. So I’m on auto pilot! My hands are off the wheel; I’m sipping on a coca-cola and singing my favorite tunes!

Well, I WAS on auto pilot. BEFORE I found out I lacked initiative. Sighs.

I’m 21 and a senior. I should be worried about the heels I’m going to wear to the club, guys and who’s going to buy my books for next semester.

But I am way past those thoughts…though…who IS going to buy those books?!?! #teambroke

True, I don’t know that being a sports journalist/reporter is my passion, but I do know I like sports, and I love writing. I am dedicated to my craft which is why I can’t write anything and turn it in if I’m not 100% satisfied with it! That includes 5-page papers I start writing at 4 a.m because I just figured out the topic! (School is a lot more stressful when all your papers have to be perfect fyi)

I also know that I like entertaining people. I love talking and expressing my unconventional ideas. I have no filter. I’m very opinionated. I love to be on the go and surrounded by new people (because secretly, after a certain amount of time, I might start disliking you). To me, that sounds like I need to have a talk show. *shrugs* lol

Sometimes I wish my mind would take a vacation because when someone tells me something as profound as I lack passion and initiative, I get on a tangent I can’t control until I figure out who, what, when, why, how.


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