Homeless Man Donates Money

A homeless man gave my cousin $1 for her birthday.

For my cousin’s fifth birthday, we went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. As we were sitting at the table a homeless guy was walking by asking us whose birthday it was. When he approached the table, he gave my mom $1 and said, “Give this to the little girl. I have HIV so I won’t be here long. Write Big Boi on that and tell her Big Boi gave this to her. Y’all have a good day.”

My mind was blown.

I was shocked. Scared. Surprised. Sad. A true abundance of mixed emotions.

It really made me stop and think:

Somone who has nothing is giving to a little girl because he has lost hope in his own life.

A homeless person is willingly handing out money, but we hesitate to give them anything because we’re not sure if it’s just another scheme.

We pretend like we care about the poor and homeless people, but we just pray that it won’t be us one day. We look past their problems just like the elite two percent look past ours.

My Uncle John told him that God was going to bless him for that. Big Boi looked like he was about to cry. I couldn’t take all the emotion that day. But I definitely pray a different prayer now.


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