Chick-fil-A 1… Gay Rights 0

Freedom of speech back in the late 18th century meant that you could not be killed for speaking against the government. That was its initial purpose.
Here in 2012, we forget about its initial purpose, and we just think we can say whatever we want when we want to say it.
That is not true.
If you are a public figure/official, you have different rules. I call it the rich man’s fine print.
And it states: If I’m a public official/figure and I say what I want to say, I accept the constant nagging of media, the loss of support, the loss of money and the frequent twisting and turning and prying into situations unrelated.

Maybe they didn’t’ tell Dan Cathy that. Maybe Dan Cathy doesn’t care…

Either way, this gay rights vs Chick-fil-A situation is out of control! The lines circling around Chick-fil-A/Truetts have been crazy this past week as people have come out to support Cathy’s anti-gay statement.

Chick-fil-A is the ONLY fast food restaurant I know of that closes on Sunday. Truett Cathy wants his employees to be in church and spending time with family.

So then WHY would you think the company chief executive would support gay marriage?
That’s like a KKK member supporting Obama!

Our world just isn’t spinning on that axis.

I know gay people who are still eating Chick-fil-A, and I know others who have decided to protest. This is just more national divide, scrutiny and issue we don’t need to be dealing with right now. Can’t y’all just watch the Olympics and be happy! GEEZZZ

All I know is that Cathy and Chick-fil-A will continue to make their quota even without the support of gays. Their PR team is beaming with million dollar ideas right about now.


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