Democratic National Convention

I am at my first national convention. You can find me wandering about just trying to take it all in. Thousands of people surround me,  but really only a few hundred know the real issues of the campaign.

I am not one of those few.

There is a saying that goes, “There are two topics you don’t want to talk about: religion and politics.” I couldn’t agree more.

When discussing such risque topics, what initially is an intellectual conversation based on facts almost always turns into an argument based on your personal feelings and beliefs.

The DNC officially kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 4. Speakers include Bill Cinton, Julian Castro and Jimmy Carter, just to name a few. And the most pressing issues for this campaign are education, healthcare, gay rights and abortion.

As I stood on S. Treyon Street trying to avoid the rain, I was confronted by these two posters. And a man with pink pamphlets advocating for Christ.

This wasn’t the image I wanted in my head right after eating, but if they don’t have a choice, why should we?


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