Michelle Obama Surprises Black Caucus

By Amari Clements

Michelle Obama surprised hundreds of people as she walked on stage during the Black Caucus of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

As cameras flashed and fans cheered, she stood behind the podium ready to deliver another speech to her supporters.

“If we have all of you and everyone you know, we will get this done,” Obama said.

Obama is expecting the 2012 election to be a lot closer than the one in 2008. She said she understands how important every vote is to the Obama campaign.

Although Barack Obama won the state of North Carolina in 2008, it was only by a mere five votes. They won Florida by 36.

Michelle Obama’s overall message is to spread the word to “anyone who is uncertain about what to do in this election” and gain more financial support.

“If you can write a check, write a check,” she said. “If you haven’t maxed out, max out.”

The president has been under scrutiny for Obamacare, repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, his views on abortion, education and same-sex marriage, but Michelle maintains the faith in her husband.

“He has the experience to keep this country moving for four more years,” she said.

Obama supporters were moved by her speech at the Time Warner Cable Arena on Sept. 4. She recounted the story of her personal struggle as a child and was able to relate to the millions of Americans currently dealing with similar issues.


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