Obama Paraphernalia Overload – Opinion

Get your Obama buttons here!

Get your shirts, belts, totes, bobble heads, keychains, magnets, piggy banks, puppets and posters here too!

Is this a Democratic National Convention or a Flea Market?

A guy asked if there were Obama lighters and matchbox sets. I was officially too through with the auction I was involuntarily part of!

Aside from the official Obama merchandise, you could find vendors, or hustlers, whichever you prefer, walking around the streets of downtown Charlotte trying to make a quick dollar off of President Obama paraphernalia.

In all my 22 years I have never seen so many buttons and shirts, and I never want to again.

I was just one of the irritated patrons who was pushing and sliding through crowded sidewalks as vendors tried to convince me that their $20 Sweet Home AlObama shirts were better than the $10 RUN DNC one’s.

I must admit I did find myself wishing that RUN DNC shirt would magically appear in my suitcase. Oh well. I’m pretty sure I can find it on Ebay.

Maybe I was agitated because it had rained every day, and there is nothing worse than walking around in wet socks. Or maybe I just don’t like people. Either way, I thought it was way too much going on. But Teresa Harlee, a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, thought it was “part of America.”

“The little man has to start somewhere,” Harlee said. “The little man became the big man by starting small and getting big.”

When you think about it that way, it doesn’t seem so aggravating. Thank you Harlee for that clarification.

I have an Obama button for you.


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  1. demetriam says:

    You are an amazing writer! this is so engaging!


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