I’m Motivated to Motivate Others – Malcolm Sawyer

Malcom Sawyer Lyfted
He’s wearing red, white and blue London socks, skinny jeans, a gray t-shirt and a black snapback with a brain with wings logo front and center. The logo originally started out as a random idea, but now it’s much more significant. And as he smokes his cigarette outside of a coffee shop in Little Five Points, 20-year-old Malcolm Sawyer is a lot more positive and a lot more focused than he was just three years ago and it’s because of his Lyftd clothing line.

“I originally came up with the logo as a tattoo,” he said. “I just thought it was a cool image so I had someone draw it out and when I saw it, the word Lyftd came to me spelled the way that it is spelled and everything. So I just feel like it was kind of ordained.”

A third year Georgia State student studying managerial science and who also plans to one day teach in China and Dubai, Sawyer doesn’t know where he would be if it wasn’t for his divine intervention because at one point, he said he was unmotivated. But now his motivation is to spread the message of his brand.

“At first it was about self expression, but as I read up on higher consciousness, I kind of was like Lyftd would be a perfect medium of this,” Sawyer said. “As a kid we’re taught that the sky is the limit, but as we grow up we kind of let the weight of the world hold us down from touching the sky. Lyftd is actually getting past that.”

Lyfted Clothing BrandLyftd was developed about three years ago, but Sawyer didn’t come up with that meaning of Lyftd until last summer.

“Life unfolds and it’s pretty continuous, it keeps building,” the 20-year-old said. “People look at life in different stages, but I look at it as a snowball effect. Honestly, as Lyftd is unfolding, I’m still learning new things.”

What separates Lyftd from other brands is its message. Sawyer thinks it’s important that people know their minds are being manipulated and that this reality isn’t THE reality, which is why the motto for the brand is “Explore your mind and seek truth.”

“Later designs will have a meaning in them that you should be able to look at and tell, but it’ll still be ambiguous enough for you to be able to apply it to whatever’s going on in your life,” Sawyer said. “I can’t say there’re a lot of t-shirt brands out there like that.”

So whether you think Lyftd is religious or about higher consciousness, he’s just happy that you took the time to notice.

“[The logo] is open to interpretation. I don’t want to limit it to anything based off of my views, but once you see it, you kind of don’t forget it,” he added.

Sawyer, his newly constructed creative team, and Matthew Burke, the official cofounder, have big plans for the rest of the year that include mixtapes, more clothes and new designs. Sawyer said he wants Lyftd to be big enough to make an impact and big enough to get to the point where people are like okay this is something real.

You can check out Get Lyftd for more information.

And if you’re wondering if he ever got that tattoo, he did not.

“I want to have like a really good tattooed idea behind it,” he stated. “Now that it’s a brand that has a meaning, I want the tattoo to be meaningful.”
Lyfted Founder Malcolm Sawyer<


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