It’s Truest Form


As I continue to write these poems as part of National Poetry Writing Month, I fall in love all over again with the anonymity of writing. Maybe these poems are about me, but then again, maybe they aren’t. Maybe it’s a smorgasbord of my friend’s lives that I mixed up so well, they can’t even tell I’ve written about them for all the world to read.

And even as I read different blogs, I’m further amazed with the tone, language, flow and overall emotion each one of us contributes to the wonderful world of writing. Whether you went to school for it or just happen to be exceptional with the conveying of ideas, we have successfully created a social media platform that’s only going to continue flourishing.

I started this blog almost 2 years ago because it was a class assignment. I felt it was burdensome and actually didn’t get actively involved until I graduated four months ago. We all have our reasons for hopping on the Blog Train, and some might overlap. But I definitely kept this blog going as a way to showcase my writing abilities. I did go to school for journalism, so blogging is an important medium for the mass communication industry. And in 22 days, I’ve gained 30 followers because of my poetry, and that of course makes me extremely humble. I know it’s not your 1,000 that you gained overnight, but hey! Don’t you rain on my parade lol.

Thank you to all  my new followers, and the old one’s who have hung in there. And even if you didn’t want to make in ntrestn, thank you for stopping by! I hope at least one of my 100+ posts meant something to your life.

Happy Writing My Fellow Bloggers,



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