Recent College Grad Job Struggles

I recently graduated this past December with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. That’s more than six months ago, and I JUST LANDED A JOB. and were my best friends. I’d written more than 10 unique cover letters, changed my resume more than five times and had over 20 interviews. I’d even crossed state lines going to interviews; talk about dedication!

But now that’s all over. No more cramped fingers, wasted gas and sore throats from interviewing with so many people at once.

Now that I’m part of the work-force, I can speak on what I dislike the most about interviews!

I understand you want to make sure the candidate is right for the job and the job is right for the candidate, but these hour long assessments and speed interviews are intense and oftentimes overwhelming! (A speed interview is like speed dating. You meet with managers and more managers and their managers all in one day. Then they tell you they’ll call you back so you can do this and that and that and this. 2 months later, you’re still doing these phone interviews.)

Who would’ve guessed? Talk about what they DIDN’T tell you in college. Jobs are hard to come by, it’s very competitive; we’re competing with not only other college graduates, but older more experienced adults who have been hit with the economic crisis. I know. Goodness I know. So please stop telling me what I already know!

But I am not alone. Many of you who are reading this are probably going through a similar situation. For some of us, the struggle is over. But for others who are still filling out applications and doubting they’ll ever get that one company to take a chance on them, I tell you now to relax.

The day is going to come, and maybe it’s not the timeline you anticipated, but it’s the timeline that’s meant to happen. And as I said before, take the time to enjoy it! Working is just like school. You do realize we were in school for like 16+ years nonstop?!?!?!! The first time you clock-in, you won’t be clocking-out for a very, very long time unless you hit the lottery!

And no, I do not regret the 6 month break I had. For the most part, I enjoyed it!!!! Most of my friends just graduated in May, and they have full-time jobs now in their desired fields, and I actually feel sorry for them because they didn’t have the chance to have fun, enjoy sleep, travel or start new hobbies like I did. But everybody can’t be as lucky. 😉


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  1. David says:

    Congratulations on getting the job, Amari. I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sure you’re glad that you won’t have to do anymore of those hectic interviews


    1. Amari says:

      Thanks David!


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