Conquering the First Day of Work

The first day of work can be tough, but here are some tips that will make it easier.

So I must first say CONGRATULATIONS! *throws confetti* We have jobs!!!!! We are now even MORE important than we were a week ago!

But now what?

As I thought about starting MY first day, I thought of questions, ideas or tips that would also benefit you! This is what I came up with:

Make sure you know and understand what they’re looking for in an employee. Are you sure you are qualified for this position, and most importantly, are you really sure you want it? I doubt you’ll be able to discern that information on the first day, but keep an eye out for things that make you uncomfortable. Just because they were the first company to give you a chance doesn’t mean you have to forgo your beliefs and standards.

Make sure you know and understand the dress code. Do you have the appropriate attire for your job? Maybe you had to borrow a friend’s suit for that interview, but now you definitely need to get to the mall and quick! Also, if you have piercings and tattoos or love to dye your hair funkadelic colors, don’t spring that on them all at once. Talk to your manager to make sure gauges and pink highlights are okay, and if they’re not, oh well.

SMILE. You’re going to be tired of introducing yourself within the first 30 minutes, but remember you’re there for 8 hours. And you’re new! And everyone wants to talk to the new guy (or girl)! You’re as popular as the foreigner at your old high school, so enjoy the attention while it lasts.

Ask questions. The first day is when someone who’s trying to be either nice or nosey clues you in on vacation time, do’s and don’ts, who to avoid, those wonderful Friday cookouts at Fred’s house, etc etc. But if your mentor isn’t giving you the details you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask.

Avoid Traffic. Traffic makes me sad, literally. So if you’re like me, you know you have to get up early enough to still get to work on time in case of traffic. Check the traffic maps on your smartphone for different days until you get accustomed to it.


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