30 days in: My First Month of Work

Today was the end of week 4! It’s been a month already since I’ve started my first full-time job, and I can’t believe it! For 3 weeks, I was absolutely bored and frustrated with training; a good portion of it was honestly a waste of my time. But now there’s new frustration!

I like consistency and order, which isn’t exactly what I’m getting. And I’m tying to remain at ease because it is just my first week of technically being on the floor and doing work on my own.

I think the thing that’s bothering me the most is the fact that when I bring up my concerns people keep saying “I was just like you when I got my first job. Young and excited and ready to come in and fix all the things wrong with the software and the organization structure. But after 6 months, you’re like whatever. I just work here.” Literally! So many people have made that comment and I have multiple issues with that.

If you’re not excited about your work, then that means you take more shortcuts and create more loopholes, and if a “not so important” error comes your way, you ignore it. I don’t want to dread going to work now or 6 months from now because that means the work environment is not the challenge OR the learning experience I need it to be.

Of course, people have bills and kids and other responsibilities and you can’t forget “oh the economy is bad” but when will those stop being “good enough reasons”? I think I’m mad because they will always be the driving force to why people do what they have to do and not what they want to do. Maybe this is because I’m young and excited and ambitious, and it’ll die off as I age and realize how much happiness is ACTUALLY just complacency.

But until then, if you tell me 1+1 = 2 and then turn around and tell me 1+1=9, I’m going to need proof. I take directions well and I learn quickly, but to keep modifying what you’ve told me is frustrating and annoying.

I don’t mind asking questions for clarification, but my issue is asking a LOT of them especially about the same problem. It makes me feel like I’m stupid. I want them to give me my assignments and leave me alone; that’s the work environment I most enjoy, so maybe this week I learned the loopholes and how to handle ALL of the “special situations” associated with my position, so next week it’ll be smooth sailing.

But I doubt it; I never was the optimistic type. The issues I have were brought to the attention of the right people though and hopefully they actually get them addressed. That’s one way to determine if the company you work for is actually worth working for. Don’t get mad and tell your girlfriends about all of the organizational issues because they don’t care OR know what you’re talking about.

Tell the people at your job who can actually make a change, and if you see that they at least attempted, then that’s a company who honors and appreciates their employees. Conversely, if they just blow you off and brand you as the young, overly ambitious employee who wants to create a Perfect Work Place, then you might need to find another job.


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