2014 New Year’s Resolution Business Tips

Helpful Business Tips

As an SEO/SEM Analyst I notice a lot of simple things business owners overlook that are really hurting their leads, and it all falls under one topic:


That’s it! That’s ALL you have to do, and I guarantee more success and a lot more customers. Here are the things you business owners are not paying attention to that you definitely need to make part of your 2014 New Year’s Business Resolution:

1. Update Contact Information – if you’ve changed your business number, office hours or location it just MIGHT be important to update that information on your website(s). That’s the most basic information that consumers care most about.

2. Update Ad Copy – I don’t go anywhere or buy any product I can’t find reliable information on online. Point. Blank. Period. So I can’t stand trying to find something to do on the weekends and your Events tab is 5 years old. It’s even worse when no parts of your ad copy have been updated and the Latin text is still there. FAIL.

3. Update Service Tab – You paint. You paint what?!?! Houses? Portraits? Fish Bowls? If we visit your website and can’t answer the question “What do they do” YOU HAVE FAILED. We only know as much as your Services tab tells us, and if you are stuck on using bullets with no additional information, we as consumers can’t actually get an understanding of what you do. Also for those who have seasonal services, PLEASE modify them once the season is over. You’re not doing Heating repairs in Georgia in June.

4. Update Multimedia – Make sure your pictures, videos, slideshows, news feeds, etc. work. That Error message is really tacky. Also, try to keep fresh images on your website. A real fan of your products may get extremely bored looking at the same slideshow.

5. Update Coupons – A lot of businesses offer incentives to drive more consumers, which is totally fine, but coupons that aren’t clear only make people mad. And coupons with expiration dates that have passed are also never a good thing.

It is always about the consumer and what they want. And since you want them to buy-in to whatever it is you’re selling, you must always have updated information readily available.

*If you need some help with managing your online presence, I will gladly assist you.*



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