Why Networking Doesn’t Work

Hello Individuals Seeking A Better Opportunity,

As you tailor your suits and order extra business cards from Vista Print for your next networking event, let me help you understand how the world works.

Networking events are setup by important people to make unimportant people feel like winners. Depending on the networking event there was probably an application or a fee, if not both. You attend these events with updated resumes on bright yellow scented paper in hopes that you’ll leave with something you didn’t come there with: a career.

But that doesn’t happen does it? Nope.

We’re never sure how many jobs are truly available or what our chances really are of being remembered after the networking event is over, but we remain optimistic. However, networking events don’t work because there are too many unimportant people fighting for the attention of the ones who hold the jobs.

I personally think networking events were created to make everyday workers who have a pretty decent title feel like superstars. Think about it. The CEO of say, Target. I have no idea who he is, but if he hosted a networking event there would be hundreds of people in line ready to meet him and deliver their 15-second elevator speech.

What sets ambitious, anxious, yet desperate unemployed or under-employed people apart from other ambitious, anxious, yet desperate unemployed or under-employed people? Absolutely nothing. We’re all the same crab in a barrel ladies and gentleman, so we have to find another way to get our feet in the door.

I’d rather take my chances talking to a stranger in line at the mall and finding out he or she is notable… at least that way there’s no high expectation followed by extreme disappointment when that follow-up doesn’t happen.

Until next time,
The Ambitous, Anxious, Yet Desperate Crab in a Barrel


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