College Didn’t Prepare Me For Real Life Hurdles: Tips On Post-College Survival

The articles, the professors, the parents. They all say the same thing: Go to college, get an education, it’ll be a lot easier to get a job with a bachelor’s degree than with just a high school diploma, and you’ll earn a lot more money.

So what do we do? We go to college and we earn our 4-year degree, and then we sit at home stone-faced because nothing has come in the mail but coupons, and the only people blowing up our phones are our grandparents. Where are these job opportunities? Where are these companies that are supposed to be knocking down our doors with offer letters?

They don’t exist my dear, and now the story changes. The same professor, article and parent is saying you have to go get your master’s degree now because that’s what will distinguish you from the other graduates applying to the same jobs.

PAUSE. What! But you said… but I thought….
At this rate, we’ll all have Ph.D.’s still trying to find entry-level jobs in our respective career paths. Sounds like madness to me.

You see the thousands and THOUSANDS of jobs on all of these sites and you’re saying to yourself, surely I meet these qualifications, but still nothing has turned up but opportunities unrelated to your degree. That’s life my dear, and it blows.

Here’s my advice:Take the job you don’t want to take, and accept the offer you think isn’t good enough. But never stop applying for things you really want!

In the 15 months I’ve been out of school, I’ve realized that it isn’t “selling out” or “giving up”, and more importantly, it’s not about “making money”. The decisions we make, like sticking with a job that’s not really your cup of tea, separate the adults from the teenagers. Life isn’t the buffet of options we had when we were little and carefree, and if we want any type of independence we must start somewhere. Don’t think of it as a sacrifice or becoming complacent; think about it as maturing and making positive advances towards a financially stable future.

That isn’t enough motivation? Well try this way of thinking for every choice you’re preparing to make.

When it comes down to making grown-up decisions, you want to make as few mistakes as possible, but sometimes you’re straddling the fence and in need of that one extra push. Here it is: If you keep second-guessing the decision you have already made, it wasn’t time for you to make that decision.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. rebrandyou says:

    Very well said. And with those decisions….there goes adolescence forever lol


  2. Demetria M says:

    live your life girl


  3. sccommclub says:

    Reblogged this on sc comm club and commented:
    Another article from a former Bulldog. An important read!


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