Chipio Review – My Horrible Windshield Repair Experience

Chipio Windshield Repair or Apple Auto Glass, or whatever they’re branding themselves as to collect money, SUCKS.

I was greeted by Chipio employees at Sams Club while I was getting gas. You know those little stands they have periodically that offer car washing stuff, or reward cards, or whatever?!?!  Nevertheless, Chipio fixes cracks in your windshield “for free”. First of all, I wasn’t born yesterday, so I know it’s not truly free. But whatever. I had 3 cracks that I was going to get replaced anyway, so I figured why not!

She said it would take 5 to 10 minutes, so I pulled to their station, filled out the paperwork and they called my insurance company so that I could file the claim. See! Not free at all. You don’t have to pay anything then, but when your monthly insurance bill goes up a few dollars, you’ll know why.

Nevertheless, 10 minutes had passed and I was still waiting. It was hot. I was sitting in the car with my air on unbeknownst to me cracks spread when you have on the air! No one told me that! Anyway, he puts the suction cup thingy on my windshield, covers it with a towel, walks away and about 3 minutes later I had a 6 inch crack on my windshield! He runs over to my car after he spots it and seals it so it won’t crack anymore…..

2 more minutes later, it was about 15 inches long!!! (and this time I had turned the air off)

Cracked Windshield, Chipio, Amari Clements

But that’s not what pissed me off though. When you agree to let them fix your windshield you get a warranty that says if they mess up anything, they’re fully responsible. So I wasn’t all irate and belligerent. I didn’t get mad until days later when no one had called me about a repair. The area manager was supposed to call me and he didn’t. I called him 4 times in a week and left 2 voicemails. He called me and said he would call me back. Did he? of course not.

Called him 3 more times. No response. Week 2… call the corporate office in California. Area manager finally calls me again and is all dumbfounded as to why my windshield hasn’t been replaced yet. Apparently it was ordered and the guy who was supposed to install the windshield had death in his family so he wasn’t answering the phone.

I’m not sure how much of that lie was true, but I clearly had the worst luck with Chipio. So the area manager said he’d call the windshield replacement people until they answered the phone and would call me back.

Week 3. I have never in all my life had so much runaround with a company before. If you would just tell me everything initially, all would be well. Miss Clements it will take 3 weeks to have this fixed. Okay cool. But I was under the impression that my car would be fixed immediately and no one told me otherwise, and that was when I became irate!

On the Monday of week 4, soooooo June 23, I got the call from the windshield repair people and they FINALLY came to replace my windshield this past Wednesday. I’m not upset that I tried a windshield repair company at Sam’s Club. I’m not even upset that my insurance went up a few dollars. I’m just irked that people are out here running businesses so pathetically!

Most of us want to become entrepreneurs and Chipio Windshield Repair is a disgrace to small business everywhere! Never have I experienced such shotty customer service and disregard to integrity! Beware people. Just beware


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