How To Properly Search Online: Advice For The Everyday Google Searcher

As an SEM Analyst, I literally spend hours redesigning ads, ad copy and landing pages to improve my clients’ quality score, lower CPL and produce the best ROI. But I’ve realized SEM was a system designed to fail.

Everyone is telling business owners they need to be on Google doing paid search, but no one is telling the average consumer HOW TO USE GOOGLE’S PAID SEARCH. So all the work we analysts put in will only be semi effective until the everyday Google searcher learns the difference between Organic Search and Paid Search results.


Encased in the black borders are ads put in place by algorithms we don’t understand. Every time you click them, that particular business is paying a certain dollar amount. Keywords can be $0.05, $50.00, or more, so it’s important that you know what you’re actually clicking.

1. Paid ads are not for the researchers or the uncertain money spenders. They’re designed for people who know they want to commit to a service; people who WILL commit to a service. So don’t click on Joe Billy Bob’s Plumbing if you just want to know how to unclog your drain for free. That’s what Youtube is for.

2. Paid ads typically include a location. Whether it’s the city, town, state or something like “local” or “nearby”, ads generally use directional words to help eliminate a bunch of irrelevant clicks. With that said, DON’T CLICK ON IT IF IT’S NOT IN YOUR AREA if you’re not willing to go that extra mile. <— see what I did there hahaha

3. Organic search (free ads below the paid ones) exists for a reason, and it’s not because people are too cheap to have paid search. Organic search is for the DIYs, the researchers, the price checkers, the employment seekers, and the students completing homework assignments. For the most part people who are in paid search also are in organic, so if you’re not ready to commit to a purchase,  click on as many organic searches as you want until your mouse no longer works.

4. If you are committed to buy, know what keywords to use. “Lawyer” has millions of searches that could just make your day long and complicated as you read hundreds of ads. “Divorce Lawyer” also has millions of searches but at least we now know what kind of lawyer you’re looking for. But “Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta GA” is the best keyword option you could use. It tells us what type of lawyer you’re looking for as well as the location!


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