Beyond the Lights – Movie Review

Let’s be clear, Beyond the Lights is typically cliche. In theaters for the public Nov. 14, it gets no simpler than boy and girl meet. Boy and girl lust over each other. And producers proclaim it to be love undermining the true integrity of the word. But whateverrrrrr, who has any hope for true romance anymore, anyway? We just want to see hot love and even hotter bodies!

Beyond the LightsNevertheless, the movie was cute and adorable for the young in love or just for the girlfriends who need hope in their own personal relationship fails. I did enjoy it, so I’d say sure, go see it! Some of the niceties of Kaz played by the sexy Nate Parker make you smile and say aawww that was sooo sweet! He’s so romantic! Conversely, when you didn’t know if their relationship could survive the lie on which it was built, you become uncomfortable with anxiety. Noni Jean played by the naturally beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kaz had a very realistic chemistry on the big screen. It was so realistic in-fact, you could see some of your relationship in theirs. The arguing, the “I’m right, you’re wrong’s” and of course, the break-up just to make-up we all love to hear about when your bestfriend wants to talk at 3 am!

But getting back on track, one has to wonder if Noni truly fell in love by the movie’s end or if she was just that emotionally broken she was ready to fall for anyone who gave her the slightest bit of healthy attention. And what other way to get attention than to try to kill yourself? Maybe that scene lost its oomf because they played it out in the previews, or maybe it really is a ‘GAG are you serious’ moment because who WOULDN’T want to fall in love with the person who saves their life? Isn’t that the entire premise? Lois Lane always dreams of finding her Superman: a man to save her and protect her from herself and the world. But if the relationship started off so high-strung and dramatic, would it really survive when there was no drama?

Nate Parker and Gugu

And it wasn’t like her toxic relationship with Kid Culprit played by Machine Gun Kelly would’ve ever ended up at the altar. It was indeed painful to watch as he was inattentive, careless and rude, and of course sex was the driving force behind their “relationship”. He disrespected her numerous times throughout the film, from not showing any true remorse after she almost killed herself, to calling her out during her performance. So are rappers really trifling, conceited butt holes? If you base anything you know about relationships with rappers on their horribly produced videos, and their degrading, yet oftentimes catchy lyrics, then YES, YES THEY ARE! But let’s examine another avenue of the movie that is unfortunately overlooked.

How many Noni Jean’s are really out there? How many idolized, overly sensationalized musicians and entertainers are ready to call it quits because the pressure we’ve put on them is too much to bare? Famous people are held in high esteem; we put them on thrones made of gold and darn near collapse when they end up on the news or better yet, on some reality show confessing their drug addiction.

You’ve seen the music videos of these women barely dressed as if their musical talent isn’t enough to sell records. You hear their lyrics about how good they are in bed because that’s what we’re supposed to advertise regularly. I oftentimes wonder how much control artists like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj really have over their lyrics and their outfits. They dress up these stars and string them along like marionettes until they have no use for them, and it makes you think how much money did they sell their souls for? And will they ever find their Blackbird so to speak and end up cutting out their tracks to show off their natural locks and wiping off the makeup to stand before true fans singing lyrics that actually have meaning?

….You aint ever gonna fly


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