Black Lives Matter

Most of us have an opinion on the Mike Brown, Ferguson trial. Most of us are also aware the number of black men killed by white police officers is nothing new. We don’t know the answer to this problem, but with our boycotts and our peaceful protests maybe we can find one. GOD BLESS

Black Lives Matter

You can’t keep telling us we don’t matter.
Signing our checks on Fridays
and then leaving us beat-up, bruised and battered
from working your 40-hour workweeks
to catching your bullets on our southern streets.
We’ve never felt safe as the whirring of sirens
always lead to some mother’s crying,
more signs made and chants recited.
Another verdict of Not Guilty has
sparked another riot.
Plagued by white power
we’ll no longer remain silent
Black Lives Matter
the pain is ignited.
Anger aside, our voices resonate louder
a force so strong, the day you will break us is never.



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