3 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Should I Quit My Job?

I Quit Image

Something to think about: YOUR job, the one you hate, is secretly someone’s dream job.
Doesn’t that blow your mind? What are those people in HR doing?

Despite how you may feel about your job description and your employees, you need money. Point. Blank. Period. So most of you will have to suck-it-up and stick it out. However, for the rest of you, quitting your job is an option and here’s when:

1. If the integrity of the company is questionable

We all know coworkers who are related to the managers or coworkers who were hired as favors to a friend. They aren’t qualified, but now they tell us what to do as if they are. It’s not fair, but what else is new? We also know sometimes companies lose their core values once they reach a certain gross figure. It becomes quantity over quality.

If you notice the integrity of the company starting to dwindle, too many issues going unresolved, and a lot of unqualified coworkers infiltrating the company, then it’s TIME TO GO.

2. If you haven’t been promoted

You’ve created innovative processes and procedures to make the workload more bearable. You’re the first one in the office and the last one to leave taking on assignments outside of your job description. You’re an overachiever by nature, but you can’t even get recognized at the holiday party. I personally have a 1-year promotion/raise timeline. If your company doesn’t value all the effort you’ve put in, then you deserve to go somewhere else where your work will be appreciated.

3. If the career ladder isn’t tall enough to climb

Dead End Job

They change your title, but you notice the work isn’t different. Fellow coworkers have been there 5+ years, but you’re all basically still doing the same thing. I have 2 words for you:DEAD END. You should just quit lying to yourself. You won’t become the manager until your manager quits, and he’s not going anywhere! So it’s time to write that 2-week notice and start looking for a career path that actually has a path.

It’s past time to get your life back! Regain the leading the role and say “I QUIT” once and for all. Quitting a job takes preparation, dedication and a plan, but it can be done, and it should be done if your company isn’t fulfilling the goals you’ve set for your life.


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