Influenster Vox Box Review


Vox Box?

Both words were unknown to me before a few weeks ago. My friend mentioned free product samples, free full-sized product samples, and I was immediately intrigued. Below is my first #RefreshVoxBox!Refresh Vox Box



  • CoverGirl foundation
  • Beanitos chips
  • Dentek floss picks
  • Skinny Girl nutrition bar
  • Listerine Pocketpaks
  • Montagne face mask
  • L’Occitane comforting cream

The Good – The L’Occitane comforting cream smells AMAZING! A very rich, clean, powder scent.

The Bad – the Beanitos chips nacho cheese had a very pleasant cheesy taste initially, but it did also possess the dryness of a true bean, so I wasn’t too pleased with that aftertaste.

The Lovely – I’m not a healthy eater. I actually get tired of people trying to convince you to eat A over B and look at calories and blah blah. However, the Skinny Girl Nutrition Bar was so much better than I thought! Chocolate peanut butter with sea salt, and it’s the sea salt that definitely makes the bar.


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