The Pitches are Back: Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

At the April 27 movie premier of Pitch Perfect 2 at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA, Ester Dean who plays Cynthia Rose said she didn’t think there would’ve been a sequel to the movie. But fortunately for me and anyone else who appreciates a good 4-part harmony, THERE IS!!!! So mark your calendars for May 15, and get ready to cheer, laugh, and even “awww” as you once again watch the Barden Bellas on the big screen.

The Plot (no spoilers)
The Bellas fall from grace after Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) goes commando during a performance for the President of the United States. They’re suspended and have no choice but to work together to find their original voice in order to face the European Champions, Das Sound Machine, in the World Championship.

My Review
I preferred the sequel over the original, which seldom happens, so yay Elizabeth Banks (director). Fat Amy was given a little more camera time, which I personally enjoyed because she’s the funniest character in the movie! Their song selections were also on point. Just a few of my faves: Beyonce – Run the World, Sir Mix A Lot – Baby Got Back, Montel Jordan – This is how we do it.

If I had to pick something I disliked, I must say the judges were trying way too hard for their punchlines. It was funny once, but by the 17th poorly written pun, I was over it. Sexist jokes, racist jokes, gay jokes; they were really on a roll. But nonetheless, the movie was still totally entertaining from beginning to end.

I absolutely loved the addition of Keegan-Michael Key. He was rude, cynical, but ridiculously hilarious as a music producer. Other cameo spotlights go to the Green Bay Packers, Pentatonix and David Cross.

NFL Stars appear in Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters May 15


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