Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic World Sucked

I promise I have no movie spoilers, but to be honest Jurassic World was a spoiler in itself. Due to the standards Jurassic Park has set for hi-tech any and everything, my expectations for this movie were through the roof. With the first Jurassic Park film being 22 years old, Jurassic World was supposed to be nothing but nostalgic to me and other viewers who remember the yellow raincoats and Jeff Goldblum. But let me be the first to say this film didn’t get better with time or technology.

22 years of improving graphics, acting skills and sound effects all gone to the crapper. My FIRST qualm with this movie is Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Claire, ran through and around the woods in heels.

Pause. What? Soooo no tree branch, leaf, glop of mud, nothing got in her way as she Forrest Gump’ed through the entire film dressed for Vogue? Trust me, I understand her role. Boss lady in charge can also still be sexy, but the movie was practically over before she had a single stain on that white skirt….. unrealistic

Bryce Howard of Jurassic WorldMy second issue with Jurassic World: The acting was TERRIBLE!

I wasn’t intrigued, impressed or even convinced they were in danger. I wasn’t pulled in; I didn’t believe the actors/actresses or the storyline. I was waiting for the movie to get more dramatic and then I realized the credits were rolling and my time was up. Maybe Jurassic World is better in IMAX or was more suspenseful in 3D, but this movie didn’t reach its full potential with me.

I think one of the problems was their shotty music selection. The music needed to be a little more urgent, dramatic, suspenseful!

Furthermore, I thought the little brainiac kid was annoying and also not helpful. Gray is played by 13-year-old Ty Simpkins. Usually the introduction to the movie offers some foreshadowing, so while little Sheldon Cooper was off rattling facts, I was thinking maybe his knowledge would come in handy to save a life.


They just gave Urkel ridiculous amounts of pointless knowledge and even more pointless lines.

To be 100%, I don’t think Jurassic World was fully developed. I think they trimmed the best parts of it, so we wouldn’t be sitting in the movie for hours.

THEN they had the audacity to try to add humor. Again I say PAUSE. WHAT? So you have this man-made dinosaur roaming around the amusement park eating up everything and you have the time to crack a joke? I just don’t understand.

Jurassic World sucked


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