MAX the Movie Review

Max the Movie Review

I’ll be the first to say I don’t do animals. I’ve never owned a pet fish, let alone a dog, so I was expecting to be completely bored while watching MAX the movie. But at the end of the day I can admit that I was wrong about the film. MAX was pretty good, and it even caused a tear..

So the movie starts rather slowly as they prepare to set the scene. As illustrated in the previews, Max’s owner Kyle Wincott (played by the handsome Robbie Amell) was killed in the line of duty, so Max becomes the new responsibility for Justin, the younger brother.

Aside from Max trying to warm up to a new owner and new life, there were other relationships improving throughout the movie. Justin was a rude adolescent who was often disrespectful to his father Ray. Ray Wincott, a former military man himself, is now a storage owner who apparently had a stronger connection with Kyle. But with Kyle out the picture, you can feel the tension continuously rising in the house as the mom Pamela works overtime trying to keep everything as copacetic as possible.

As the movie progresses, Max and Justin form that familial bond, and Justin also finds himself crushing on his best friend’s cousin.

Justin’s friend Chuy (pronounced Chewy) made the movie for me! H I L A R I O U S. His character was well-received as the funny best friend who never knew when to stop talking. His cousin Carmen wasn’t too bad either, although I didn’t fully believe the tough girl act.

Nevertheless, the movie started to pick up when Max and Justin followed Chuy’s cousin Emilio. Without spoiling MAX for those who plan on seeing it this weekend, you’re reintroduced to Travis and you realize just how conniving and sneaky he can be. Travis was Kyle’s partner in Afghanistan. He was welcomed in the Wincott’s home by both mom and dad, but Justin knew something wasn’t right when Max almost attacked Travis in the backyard.

There are guns, dirty cops, dog fights, hostages and near-death moments that will keep your eyes focused. All children and animal lovers alike were in the theater crying, clapping and cheering throughout the movie.

MAX in its most simplistic form is about how Max and Justin team up to figure out what Travis is really up to. If you want to dive a little deeper into it though, MAX is about trust, loyalty, and family. It explores how you can develop a relationship with any and everybody regardless of their walk of life. It’s about perseverance and respect and how important and short life truly is.


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