Magic Mike XXL Movie Review

Always Ntrestn Magic Mike Movie Review


NO one is buying a movie ticket to Magic Mike XXL and expecting an oscar nomination. NO one. What we are paying $12 to see is Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez get down and dirty and make us wish our local strip clubs and male revues were ANYTHING like those seen in the movie.

Always Ntrestn Magic Mike XXL Review

THE sexiest movie of the summer with a slew of just ridiculously fit and breathtakingly gorgeous men, Magic Mike XXL was as gosh awful in plot and storyline as the original Magic Mike. But every time I was annoyed with pointless dialogue (there is plenty), they would give me good action in the next scene. So watching the movie was definitely a roller coaster ride and I had likes, dislikes and questions that needed to be answered.

Why was Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) in this movie? Not even trying to be mean, but OMG his scene was pointless. (NO SPOILERS). Jada Pinkett introduces “the final act”, and after Michael Strahan’s performance I was surely expecting to see great things!


Childish Gambino comes out of nowhere skinny and shirtless and literally the mood in the theater changed. If anything, he should’ve went BEFORE Michael Strahan, DEFINITELY not after. You can’t give me dessert and then expect me to eat dinner. Come on Son! Everybody knows that. I call Production Flaw! The following people could’ve played that role 10 times better:

– Chris Brown
– Trey Songz
– Tyrese

hahaha. That entire scene could’ve been edited from the movie. No one would’ve cared.

Side note: I officially see Michael in a WHOLE new light! I’m used to suits and ties as he co-hosts “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and not gold briefs. I completely forget he was in Magic Mike XXL. Talk about jaw dropped and speechless. I was literally at a lost for words. Well played Michael, Well played!

Always Ntrestn Magic Mike XXL Movie Review

Aside from that, there were a few other things I disliked about Magic Mike 2:


It was painful. The more they talked the worse the movie got. There was Channing Tatum and Amber Heard. Please shutup. No one cares about your photography fails. Then there was Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett Smith. No one cares about your previous relationship. THEN there was the food truck ride to Myrtle Beach. Then the entire hospital scene. -______- .

As you can see I got frustrated because it was obvious the producers had nothing else to fill the space with. I’m not saying they should’ve just danced from start to finish, but I AM saying Magic Mike XXL should NOT have been 2 hours long. You’re wasting time establishing relationships we audience members don’t actually care about.


Since I found out there was going to be a sequel with the gorgeous Jada Pinkett, I was racking my brain trying to figure out HOW she was going to be thrown into the mix. Trust me when I say you would have NEVER guessed it. Smh.

She’s gorgeous. I love her! And I love her relationship with Will Smith. BUT I didn’t believe her role. It’s not her physical age because she looks amazing for 43, but she just wasn’t happening for me.

Nevertheless, I’d still recommend every female go see the movie. They KILLED IT!! Dancing was PHENOMENAL. And did you know Matt Bomer could sing?!?! Maybe you knew, but I surely didn’t.

Em. to the

Heart. Melted. Standing Ovation. Encore. Is there ANYTHING better than a GORGEOUS man with an AMAZING body who can sing AND dance!?!? Like I can’t think of a better combination of manness. His performance coupled with the gas station scene, their performance at the gay bar, the final concert and of COURSE Channing Tatum’s impromptu choreo to Pony will more than make up for the things you disliked about the movie. 🙂

Personally, the only thing I even remember from the original Magic Mike was Channing Tatum’s performance of Pony, so I’m pleased to say Magic Mike XXL has quite a few scenes you’ll remember way after the ending credits.

Good job Guys. DARN Good job.


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