Traveling to Rome… Know before You Go

Avoid Unofficial Taxis

It’s your first time traveling to Rome. You’re standing in the airport ready to unwind in your hotel when some guy approaches you and asks if you need a taxi. Say no.

Unfortunately, scandals are everywhere and the taxi scandal is one of the biggest in Rome. I can’t say what happens if you get in their vehicles because I didn’t, but ALL TAXIS ARE WHITE in Rome. And based on my experience, all official taxi drivers stayed outside near their cars.

Know FCO Airport is TERRIBLE

Oh. MY. GOSH!!! Talk about absolutely frustrating. To start, our flight was delayed from Paris to Rome for longer than an hour. Once we finally landed in Rome, we literally waited another hour to get luggage! It went from baggage claim 12 to 13, and back to 12. I know part of their airport was burned, but how difficult is it to unload a plane? We were sitting at baggage claim wasting precious time. By the time we got outside, our shuttle had left, which is why I know about the taxi scandal!

You can Drink the Water

Their water fountains look nothing like the ones you see here. Graffiti covered and randomly placed throughout the city, you’d be right to pass by it without a second glance. But it’s hot in Rome, and you have to pay for water at restaurants, so these fountains are your friends.

Water Fountain in Rome, Italy

Don’t take ANYTHING

Street peddlers have no manners. They’re interrupting you constantly while you’re eating. They follow you on the streets trying to convince you to buy selfie sticks and random stuffed animals. And the men with roses! The biggest scandal yet. They’ll just give you the roses and then ask for a donation.

Prepare for Service Taxes

It’s not all restaurants, but don’t be surprised when your bill is a few dollars more than expected. If it helps, there’re no taxes and additional tips like here in the United States, so when your meal says 14,50, your bill will also say 14,50.


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