Relationship Advice: “Text Me First” Explained


The phone works both ways; if you wanted to talk why didn’t you just call/text me first? 

Let me explain to you why we hate it. We do EVERYTHING for you, and all we want in return is to feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. We try to let it slide a few times because we want to impress you. We’re trying to be good girlfriends and give you your space, and we don’t want you sending screenshots to your boys talking about how we keep blowing up your phone. Rules of TextingAt the end of the day we never want to give off the needy, clingy, “thirsty” vibe, but for the most part, ALL WE REALLY WANT TO DO is text or call you to tell you nonsense. We see your names pop up on our screens and we smile. It may seem like nothing to you, but you make our day.

But unfortunately, we don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to communication. This entire “should I text first, he doesn’t text me first” thing has gotten way out of control. So in an attempt to make happier, healthier relationships in time for “cuffing season”, let me try to explain to you men what women mean when they say the following:

  • “I always text him and he takes forever to text me back” — I know I’m thinking about him, and I know he may be busy, but 5 hours later, really!? Clearly I’m not that important to him.

Most of you are not that busy, which means you have no excuse for ignoring us. That’s rude and we hate it. Not only did you get the text, you read it and we saw you read it because you have Read Receipt activated. Now if you’re one of those men who TRULY stay busy, then we females think it’s just common sense to wait on you to reach out to us. If we have to wait 6 hours for a response anyway, we’d much rather prefer if YOU (the busy one) just communicate with us (the non busy one) when you KNOW you can actually have a conversation. That is how we think! And it makes sense!

  • “I’m always texting him first! Why can’t he text me first?” — I know I’m thinking about him. And I would LOVE to reach out to him right now. But can he please text me first so I know he’s thinking about me?

There’s nothing petty or childish about wanting to feel wanted. Let me say that again because y’all are quick to call us immature. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WANTING TO FEEL WANTED. You see breakups happen daily. People do fall out of love; they get bored and they want to move on, which is why you shouldn’t let your girlfriend’s mind run wild. Everyone is always saying how communication is key to having a successful relationship, so if you know this how can you rightfully justify your lack of communication?

If it’s key, then it can’t be one-sided, and since we’re in the age of technology our biggest form of communication IS via text messaging. So someone please explain to me why females get so much grief when we say we want our significant others to text us first.

I’ll wait….

Stop blowing us off and trying to make us feel crazy. We are not crazy. Relationships are 50/50, and you can’t pick the 50% you want to give. If the female is always reaching out to the male, then that’s an unbalanced relationship. If you really cared, then you wouldn’t mind building a stronger bond of communication. Point. Blank. Period


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  1. Nowwesee says:

    lol nice article!


    1. Amari says:

      thanks for reading!

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