The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a Fraud

I’m not singling out Susan G. Komen. I’m calling out EVERY business, non profit organization, person, group, whatever, that raises money “for a cause”.

I think it’s ALL one big scam, and we need more disclosure.

I think people need to ask a LOT more questions about these national organizations before they so willingly write a check. I also think people should focus on the matters closer to home. It’s ntrestn what people choose to spend their money on and who they choose to turn their backs on. Each year a few hundred thousand people can come together to raise millions for these nonprofit organizations, but poverty
but the lower middle class
but the unemployed
but the homeless
but the illiterate
but the hungry
but the veterans

I’m just saying SOMETHING doesn’t sound right. Something ISN’T right. But who am I? I’m just an inquisitive mind


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