Letter to President Obama

Dear President Barack Obama,

I understand you’re busy running the country and all, but I have a favor to ask. When your tenure ends, and you no longer worry about being politically correct, can you PLEASE write a book about your experiences as the first black President? Can you make sure to cover your countless run-ins with racism because people still don’t believe that problem exists, the interviews that went awry because they were purposely sabotaging you, the levels of disrespect received from your own staff, how you really felt every time someone lashed out at your family for no reason, and what you really want to say about police brutality here in the United States? I understand you’ve been censored for quite some time, but one of the major problems in this country is most of us choose to remain silent on pertinent issues. So since I just know you have a story worth telling, could you please just do me that one favor and tell it? I’ll be waiting for your book signing.

Thank you in advance,
Amari the Journalist


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