Sisters was Hilarious – Movie Review

If you plan on seeing Sisters starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I suggest you don’t go during peak movie hours; you’ll surely miss a few scenes as the theater crowd never can stop laughing in enough time. You’ve been warned. You’re welcome.

I can describe Sisters, in theaters everywhere Dec. 18, in one word: HILARIOUS!

It’s SNL meets Project X for the 35 and over crowd. The Sisters movie is sad, amusing, romantic, adorable, and inspiring. It makes you hate your siblings and then love them all over again, which is how it was intended to be. And it makes you think about your own life and how close or how far you are to achieving your life goals. I’m going to give it a solid 8/10.

Sister Movie Dislikes

I wasn’t too fond of Alex (Bobby Moynihan), who was the ridiculously annoying classmate with the corny jokes who would never shutup. And I thought Kate Ellis’ (Tina Fey’s) mother/daughter bonding scene was terrible. They could’ve created a better concept for reuniting familial love. But nevertheless, the remaining hour plus had me laughing hysterically.

SIsters Movie Review

Now if you don’t focus on the fact these women are in their late 30s throwing a house party in their parent’s home and doing drugs, then you too will just laugh your life away. It has the same witty, raunchy humor of Pitch Perfect, which is another comedy I absolutely loved. Kudos Jason Moore for directing both films.

Sister Movie Likes

If I had to pick my favorite part of the Sisters movie, it’d have to be when they were trying on clothes. I think I was laughing so hard because it was so realistic. Unfortunately, I often see older women still trying to squeeze into body cons and mini skirts when I go to the mall, so they definitely hit the nail on the head with that scene. But the nail salon and Big Lots scenes are also pretty entertaining. SO just GO SEE IT! There were men and women in the theater, married and single, and they were ALL laughing.





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