The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Christmas parties are in full swing as good ole Saint Nick is just 10 days away from his debut, and you’re freaking out because you need a gift for a white elephant party. It’s one thing to pick the perfect gift; it’s a totally different thing to purposely pick a sucky one. Well I’m here to help. Here are my top 4 best gag gifts fit for any holiday party!

1. Remember bigger is better

Best Gag Gifts

Gag Gift 001

My mother bought an oversized remote control and computer mouse one year, and it was all anyone could talk about because it was so unique. Regular everyday objects made 50 times bigger will always be crowd pleasers. But if scissors and pens don’t intrigue you, try oversized candy and snacks. The look on people’s faces when you walk into a party with that Rice Krispies Treat from It’s Sugar is going to be pure entertainment! Bigger is always better, and people always get a kick out of the unexpected.

2. Let’s keep it classy… or NOT

Gag Gift

Inappropriate gifts make for excellent dirty santa gift ideas! Why? Because they’re clever and hilarious. The only reason we avoid them is because we don’t want to be judged. But stand proudly my fellow friends. It’s time to take advantage of Dirty Santa.

3. Creativity goes a long way

It’s cold everywhere but in South Florida, which is why you can’t go wrong with a mug. But not just any old mug… Gag Gift 002Gag Gift 003

It has to be one of these Absolutely ADORABLE, creative mugs that will surely cause envy during coffee breaks. Be careful with this gift idea because everyone who comes to the party is going to be eyeing it for sure!

4. As seen on TV

If you have to ask yourself Who, What or Why, then yes it’s a perfect terrible gift. No offense to the creators of those As Seen On TV products, but most of them should automatically be gag gifts. I can’t see how people take some of their inventions seriously.

I rest my case!

Have anymore gag gift ideas? Comment below!


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