New Years 2016 in London

In September, I randomly decided to go to London for NYE.

Here are some of my pictures from the trip. It was worth every penny and every sneeze. Everything was just gorgeous.

My first stop was my hotel room to get some rest from my flight, but after that I was on the move. London no longer just lets people view the fireworks around Big Ben. Talk about pissed. That was my sole purpose for going! But when I booked my ticket in October, the Fireworks were already sold out. GRRRRR

So my friend Salu and I stood in Trafalgar Square with a few thousand people with merely a partial view. Please believe next time I’m going to be more prepared. I was trying to make it to Hampstead Hill to see above everything, but that wasn’t happening. It was still cool though. I was still in London for NYE, so I’m not mad.

For the remainder of my stay, I walked the Millennium Bridge and the Tower Bridge with Shamsideen, an old college friend I hadn’t seen since 2011. I would recommend both as the backdrop of any romantic rendezvous, though that wasn’t my situation. I also visited the British Museum, which is humongous and I’m sure I didn’t get through half the exhibits. It was very crowded, and I don’t fare well in crowded, close quarters.

I’m forgetting so many stories right now and so many pictures, but I think you got the hint. If not, GO TO LONDON


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