From the City to Limerick, Ireland

Limerick was acres and acres of thick, green grass and forestry. Dark clouds floating full of rain in the sky, and wind made me walk faster than I anticipated. The streets were full of roundabouts instead of cars. Nothing at all like the big city of Atlanta or the streets of London, which I was running through just hours before I arrived at Shannon Airport.

People like small towns because they’re intimate, peaceful, relaxing and quiet. But of all the places to travel, I never pick them. Stop signs instead of street lights. Piggly Wiggly’s instead of Publix. Dirt roads, windmills, wells and rocking chairs. True, they make for relaxing, gorgeous Instagram posts, but I love beachfronts and big cities. If it wasn’t for my friend who goes to school in Limerick, I don’t think I would’ve ever seen the city.

I can describe Limerick, Ireland in January in 2 words: cold, rainy. There was no sun to see, and although it wasn’t heavy rain, nor did it ever seem to last long, it was still annoying. I don’t like heat, but I also dislike wearing layers, so I was just uncomfortably cold. But I still enjoyed my time. It’s always ntrestn exploring new territories and meeting new people.

Limerick Dislikes from a Spoiled City Chick

Their city shuts down so early.

I don’t know what was happening on Tuesday, Jan. 5 but most of the city was closed by 6. The buses didn’t accept credit cards, and banks and currency places were all closed. It was just a headache trying to get cash. We ended up walking to a hotel called The Savoy, and John was nice enough to exchange our money even though he wasn’t supposed to. Then the next daunting task was trying to find places that still served food past 9pm.

Their public transportation is terrible.

No Uber and no Lyft, and of course, I wasn’t renting a car. So I had to understand their bus system, which I clearly didn’t understand. I try to avoid taxis because they’re such a rip off, but you either pay a little extra or get annoyed. Pay a little extra wins every time.

What to do in Limerick?

Save your time and DON’T visit the Hunt Museum

There’s nothing in there worth seeing. Honestly. You’ll get more understanding of the Irish culture by talking to a drunk man in a bar.

Visit City Centre

It’s so cute! It reminds me of the village my granny used to put up for Christmas.

Tour the Castles / Churches

Most of them close by 5, so don’t procrastinate or you’ll be out of luck.


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