Beyoncé – Formation: You aren’t Woke or Aware

The hype from Beyoncé’s latest song Formation has gotten way out of control. If you took a gander on social media, then you’d think we had ourselves a new National Anthem. Apparently singing about hot sauce and seafood is in line with empowering a race of people. Who knew? We’re falling further and further away from grace, Ladies and Gentleman. Thank You BEY for this regression.

Beyoncé’s song has NO content. She spends 3 minutes talking about absolutely nothing. She says just enough to get basic people everywhere in an uproar but I’m guessing not enough to increase the number of registered voters. I wonder how much her tickets cost for her upcoming concert though. Ntrestn.

She had the potential to truly use her klout to say anything even remotely noteworthy and defining, yet she opted for “I got hot sauce in my bag.” Oh so riveting. So very profound. I’m more in tune with my blackness. NOT..

I’ll take India Arie’s songs Brown Skin, I Am Not My Hair or Just Do You over Formation every single day. Let’s compare lyrics, shall we!


Then I couldn’t get no job
‘Cause corporate wouldn’t hire no dreadlocks
Then I thought about my dogs from the block
Kinda understand why they chose to steal and rob
Was it the hair that got me this far
All these girls these cribs these cars?
I hate to say it but it seem so flawed
‘Cause success didn’t come till I cut it all off


My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana / You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma / I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros / I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils / Earned all this money but they never take the country out me / I got hot sauce in my bag, swag

The Real Black Panthers

Butttttttttttt you all want to call Formation a Black Power National Anthem? You all ate her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance all up, comparing it to Michael Jackson’s of ALL people. I wasn’t impressed. You can make a case and say Beyoncé made a powerful VISUAL statement. I’ll give you that. But you won’t see black fists and Black Panther attire at the clubs and while listening to the song on the radio. So without her visual, what’s left? A song that has absolutely nothing to do with Black Power or Black Lives Matter.

My friend Kimberly Burley said it the best “…If I’m angry and disappointed at anything it’s the hero worship that her fans engage in… She’s an opportunist… Personally I still don’t find her genuine, she’s strategic. I feel this Formation stunt is nothing more than her co-opting a social movement for monetary personal gain.”

Burley continues by saying, “Formation is not about black power, feminism, or social justice. It’s about Beyoncé.”

#StayWoke? More like #WakeUp


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