Being Single on Valentine’s Day

You could say (and truly mean) you’re completely fine with being single on Valentine’s Day, and someone somewhere will call you a liar. You go out alone, and people see you and feel sorry for you.  And if you stay in and just watch Netflix eating Funfetti cupcakes like you’ve done everyday all month, they’d swear you were depressed. This is exactly why you never worry about what people think.

Being Single on Valentines Day

6 Things to do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

1. Go to Dinner –  I mean you have to eat regardless. If you’re feeling some type of way because it’s VDay, then save the reservation-only type places for the couples, but if you’re truly confident and comfortable there’s definitely nothing wrong with a table for one.

2. Stay at Home – What did you do last Sunday? Church? No church? Slept in? Clean? Welp it IS technically just another Sunday, so there’s no reason to change your routine. Just do what you’d normally do.

3. Call up the Crew – There’s always something to get into when you’re with your best friends, so give them a call and get ready for some laughs.

4. Visit the Family – Regardless of your relationship status, family members ALWAYS want a reason to get together. Swing by your mom’s place, bring her some roses and put a smile on her face just because you showed up.

5. Have a Me Day – To some, this might be the same as staying at home, which is fine. But to the rest of the world, there are endless possibilities. Day trip. Spa. That salsa class you manage to keep putting off. Hobbies. Remember those? Do those!


6. Stay off Social Media – Especially the females!!!! We can go from “I’m doing fine” to Love Songs and Kleenex if we run across the wrong image. If Valentine’s Day is truly a trying day for you, then there’s no need torturing yourself by looking at your friends’ posts of gifts, dinners and trips.

always ntrestn




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