Email Writing Tips

Email isn’t going anywhere. The return on investment businesses are seeing keeps email far ahead of social media platforms and SEM. But if you’re not targeting your audience right with your terrible segments and even worse content, it doesn’t matter the ROI because you aren’t getting the most for your money anyway.

Here are a few effective writing tips that can help you build successful email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and search campaigns!

How to Write

  • Determine Your Purpose 

Emails, blog posts, advertisements, etc get too complicated because people try to throw everything at their audience at once. Businesses want you to subscribe, buy, leave a comment, and share with a friend. HOLD YOUR HORSES. If your campaign is going to be successful, it’s because you built trust with your followers and they want to engage because they like your brand. It has NOTHING to do with how many Call to Actions you can throw in a paragraph

  • Segments Save Lives

Whether you have 200,000 subscribers, 2 million or 25, they didn’t all become subscribers the same way, so you shouldn’t market to them the same way. Content should be tailored to the appropriate audience; you’ll see the best results if you use this tested approach. Sometimes it really is about using common sense. You don’t want to tell the person who already bought the purple purse to buy a purple purse.

  • Keep it short

As most of you know, more than 50% of all emails are read on smartphones. People don’t have time to read your dissertation. Use whatever webpage your CTA is linking to for the down and dirty details, but for the purpose of an email, your subscriber only needs the key elements.

  • Stop thinking like a marketer!

You’re a consumer too, and if you wouldn’t engage with the emails you’re responsible for sending out, why would anyone else? Consider the businesses you’ve recently subscribed to and unsubscribed from, and ask yourself why. Then use that to evaluate your current marketing strategies. It amazes me how easy marketers forget what it’s like to be a consumer.

In order to meet that financial goal, you risk sabotaging your own reputation with your subscribers by sending crappy emails. In all actuality, it’s much easier to go back to the basics and GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT. For once, stop thinking about making money. You probably laughed at that, which is disheartening, but you can get more with sugar than with vinegar. Focus more on relationship building and less on quota reaching.

If you haven’t already, check out my blog on email marketing strategies. It’s a 4-step process to increase your open and click-through rates.


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