2 minute I Hate My Job Survey

Take this quick survey so I may get a better understanding of how millennials feel about their jobs.

As a millennial struggling to find my “purpose” as well as my “dream job”, I sometimes find it comforting when I hear other millennials just as aggravated with the workforce as I. “I hate my job” shouldn’t be a conversation starter at a networking event, but lo and behold, it is. It’s no longer two strangers trying to exchange business cards; it’s two old friends who gag at the thought of attending pointless meetings about other pointless meetings. To some extent, it’s always comforting to know I’m not going through this situation alone. But outside of comforting, I also find it disheartening, frustrating and annoying to say the least.

It’s not like I’m the lazy, self-obsessed and unproductive millennial, this infographic pegs me to be! I’d love nothing more than to go to a job M-F that I actually enjoyed. I’d love to work overtime on occasion, travel and be important enough to have a work phone if the general premise of my job was something I remotely enjoyed… but I am beating a dead horse…


I want to change the way millennials, and the rest of them to come, start careers! I want job searching to be encouraging and not deflating of all hopes and dreams. I want job offer letters to be as exciting to accept as college acceptance letters. Nowadays we accept because we have to, because we don’t know if the phone will ring again in enough time and bills are starting to pile.

But in order for me to do that, in order for me to prove to EVERYONE that we young professionals are more than selfies and ridiculous dance moves, I need YOUR feedback. I need companies to know they are NOT giving us what we want! Their bogus job descriptions on job boards and their fluffed up interviews don’t tell us anything about the job culture or the work we’d spend most of our lives doing. So, will you help me?

I made a 6 questions survey. It won’t take 2 minutes of your time. PLEASE help me help you by sharing this with all your friends and family. Whether they love their job or hate it, the data will still help me tell my story.

Thank you,
Frustrated Millennial




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