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Amari Clements

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Nap Taker.

Amari Clements the Journalist here. Thanks for stopping by!! As a journalist I take pride in the viewers I get on my blog, no matter how many or how few! Nevertheless, here’s a tidtad about me:

Traffic makes me sad. Broccoli, Corn, Potatoes, Steak, Carrots, Squash, Baked Chicken = GROSS. I randomly do ballet whenever I feel a pirouette is needed. I LOVE singing, so I have mini concerts throughout the day that keep me happy and awake. And being so skinny allows me to cut through crowded sidewalks and malls unscathed…UNLESS I’m carrying one of my huge purses.

A lover of writing , dancing, and reading who hasn’t read a book in years, hasn’t signed up for a dance class and oftentimes neglects her blogs because she’s too tired is how I can describe myself.

But people ask me Why Journalism, so let me answer that:

There really are too many articles about college graduates, unemployed college graduates, majors to avoid, promising careers, etc, etc. And as my major – journalism – continues to get bashed, I again must speak-up for every writer out there by giving hope to upcoming as well as current college students who too are passionate, but are afraid to take the risk.

Being a journalist means interacting with people from all ranks of life, finding out their stories and sharing them with others. It means deadlines, modified bylines because the editor didn’t like your approach and scrapped articles you were sure would get front page status.

It means precision, motivation, a tough skin and many failed interviews. You spent countless hours developing your questions, but the person you’re interviewing won’t answer them. No doubt about it you’re upset, but you can’t let them know that. Move on. Find another approach or another source.

It means building relationships with strangers so they can tell you what you want to know and then some. It’s being able to step on people’s toes, call-out billion dollar businesses that aren’t doing right, and exploit your favorite artist. By the way, there are no favorites in journalism. If you can’t be objective, maybe you can get a reality show or write for the tabloids. You are a pen, a pad and a recorder away from losing all your friends. Journalism is taking that last statement in and accepting it as fact.

I don’t regret my degree choice, and I don’t regret the career path I’m taking. It’s all a learning experience, and I’m certain something I learned those 3.5 years in college will somehow mesh with what I’m about to venture into; call it a woman’s intuition.

So don’t sell yourself or your degree short.




BE HAPPY<3 @amarirc


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  1. David says:

    Hi Amari, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out this post for more information:


    1. Amari says:

      cool! thanks!


  2. Shannon says:

    Your website is very informative about your self and some fun facts. I I like the part about being a dancer but never taking a dance lesson. We view ourselves certain ways whether it’s true or not sometimes, but never taking a dance lesson doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to dance on and be amazing.


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